Stock Hemisphere Mold


X indicates the types of hemispheres that can be made from a particular mold.

SizeMold #Hemi With LipHemi Without LipSeamed Sphere
4” Dia x 2.125” DeepD1010XXX
6” Dia x 3.250” DeepD1112XX
8” Dia x 4.125” DeepD1250XXX
10” Dia x 5.125” DeepD1600XXX
12” Dia x 6.250” DeepD2120XX
16” Dia x 8.125” DeepD2980XXX
18” Dia x 9.750” DeepD3215XX
24” Dia x 12.500”DeepD3560XX
30” Dia x 15.500” DeepD3630XX
36” Dia x 18.500” DeepD3700XX
48” Dia x 24.000” DeepFM48XXX
60” Dia x 30.000” DeepFM60XXX
72” Dia x 36.000” DeepFM72XXX

Note: Hemis’ with lip listed above might be up to 1/8” deeper than a hemisphere.

For the 48”, 60”, 72” Dia. Hemispheres – A special set-up charge is required. These are Fiberglass Molds, The surface finish is not smooth. They require matte sanding or sandblasting. These are suitable for painting or projection coatings. They are not suitable for clear, see-thru applications.

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